Top Five Best Shows to Watch on HBO max

Jessica  |  March 23 15

Because a wide selection of programming is available on HBO Max, the streaming service as well as the HBO network frequently wins Emmys, Golden Globes, and several other honours. HBO Max regularly adds new episodes, including Emmy-winning programmes like The White Lotus, Succession, and Barry.

Choosing what to watch next might be challenging, so we are here to assist. This list of the top HBO Max programmes now airing includes well-known programmes like the last season of Succession, intriguing new programmes like The Last of Us, returning programmes like Perry Mason, and programmes that could be overlooked, like Garcia! You`ll discover your new bingeing addiction by looking through this list.


Succession has become one of HBO`s most well-liked programmes with several Emmy victories under its credit, including Outstanding Drama Series. Logan Roy, who is ruthless and vicious, is the C.E.O. of the international media and hotel conglomerate Waystar Royco. In search of a replacement, as he nears retirement age and experiences a health setback, he must turn to his affluent and entitled offspring. But which of his four children—from the arrogant playboy to the ambitious addict—is prepared and deserving? Would Logan ever be ready to relinquish control, anyway?

Every episode and season is overshadowed by the uncertainty of who will succeed Logan as the firm, the Roy family, and Logan engage in shady business practices, flaunt their money, and are frequently at the centre of controversy. Succession is set to go down in history as one of the finest HBO programmes and the best in decades overall, as everything climaxes in the fourth and final season.

The last of us

In this post-apocalyptic film, Pedro Pascal plays Joel, a smuggler who, two decades after the end of modern society, is taking Bell Ramsey`s character, a young girl named Ellie, through the United States. The two must depend on one and another anticipated on the arduous voyage, but Joel has his troubles and is haunted by his history.

The Last of Us, the first HBO production based on a video game, is regarded as the most extensive T.V. production ever in Canada (it was filmed in Alberta). It also has a strong supporting cast. This features Merle Dandridge as Marlene, the leader of a resistance organisation, who is repeating her role from the video games, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Joel`s younger brother and who is also a hopeful former soldier. Murray Bartlett and Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation and Melanie Lynskey from Yellowjackets are among the guest performers who play survivalists and the leader of a revolutionary organisation, respectively.

Oh Hell

The awkward and frequently embarrassing scenes in Oh Hell will undoubtedly be relatable to anybody who has ever felt the desperate need to find purpose and direction in their mid-20s. Helene Mala Emde, a strange 24-year-old lady who can`t seem to do anything right, wanders through life in this German dramedy with Fleabag-like monologues and fourth-wall cracks. The most incredible thing about Oh Hell is how it doesn`t hold back and truly puts the viewer in the uncomfortable position of a young lady attempting to live up to her friend`s and family`s expectations. Messy people like Hell offer us all hope that we can succeed by making viewers feel less alone when they aren`t always sure what to do with their lives.

Love country The Murdaugh dynasty

This unsettling docuseries exposes the horrifying truths of unbridled power through the lens of the Murdaugh family. The investigation of Alex Murdaugh by Low Country reveals alarming new information on the allegations of fraud, deceit, and the murders of his wife and kid. Three parts of the book Low Country show the heritage of a powerful family and their sway over the court system in South Carolina`s low country. Low Country is a genuinely terrifying series that details several lies and reveals the shockingly long path of devastation from a single family.

South side

South Side centres on two buddies in Chicago who want to work as venture capitalists but must endure tedious day jobs first. The universe that Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle built is deliciously unique. Nothing really `happens` in this programme, which is the ideal hangout spot, but the jokes are hilarious, and the characters are top-notch. When you see a show like this, you might question why you didn`t start watching it sooner.