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admin  |  October 21 27

Every year on the red carpet we see wardrobe malfunctions and we are shocked why it occurs and if it`s happening to celebrities it might happen to us too. Ever get an outfit and think to yourself why it does not fit you the way it should, the same outfit which  looked so great on the models. Why does it not look good on you and why hours of gym still might not be enough to make you acquire the perfect shape. No, we are not discouraging all of you to stay unfit, if anything we are trying to convey here is that there is a way around to all those hours of sweating in the gym. All you need is an outfit that looks good on you and a couple of body shapers from Spanx. Everyone dreams of a flawless body for an impeccable fit in which we can move around a bit without having to embarrass ourselves. This is where the body shaper comes out to be your knight in shining armor.

How It started

This is why Spanx, an eCommerce based online store embarked on its journey to become the best in business. When Sara Blakely headed towards a party realized that this is not the depiction of her actual posture. Sara Blakely thought to revolutionize the industry by making the softest, most comfortable, and elegant undergarments that not only provide your body the appropriate posture it requires but also termed it as essential to avoid wardrobe malfunction of any sort. Over the span of years, Spanx has grown to offer more than just body shapers but this is where the story begins but we will get to it later in the article. But at first, we would like to state the benefits of body shapers and the essential role they can play in your overall look.

Benefits of shapewear 

  • The first and foremost reason the shapewear becoming the wardrobe essential is their tendency to provide you the flawless look by reducing/hiding your figure by a couple of inches of your body

  • All the shapewear at Spanx is made of a comfortable fabric called lycra fabric. This is an advanced microfibre structure that feels soft against the skin. Its elastic nature makes it breathable and most of all it hides underneath any attire you put on.

  • Most shapewear targets specific features of your body and enhances its visibility while making you look slim. The wide elastic band becomes great support for the tummy allowing you to maintain your exceptional figure to slay every outfit.

Spanx has shapewear for both men and women, whether it be push up bras, shaping legwear, lounge pants with crotch pouches, Thigh shapewear, High waist shapewear, or a full body shaper you name it and they have it covered. 

But shapewear is not the only thing you will find on their online store, this is how they started by Spanx with time, have diversified its production, and now has various categories for both genders. 

It is all about guaranteeing the consumer`s your time of the day and the manufacturers at the store have given it a great deal of thought to flourish the lifestyle and wardrobes of their consumers. The expansion mostly focuses on women`s wardrobes as the store firmly believes in the idea of making women more confident and comfortable with their body type.

As you move along the store you can find several categories and we will briefly discuss what you can find in those categories to make your time worthwhile.


Unlike a conventional online store, you can find up to 7 different types of leggings which include: faux Leather, Faux suede, Seamless, Jeanish, active, velvet, and girls. Each portraying a different kind and fit which is optimum to be worn in most types of environments. The above mentioned bottom wear is great to be paired up with most casual tops and looks great for a casual day out or for a party.


This category brings you diversified options for bottoms, pants, tops, jackets, types of denim, skirts, bodysuits, arm tights, and swimsuits. In conclusion, you will not only find premium fabric clothing at Spanx but no need to jump from one store to another to get your day to day attires. The collection includes all types of different types of clothing for both formal and social gatherings.


Keeping the right physique is not an option but a responsibility bestowed upon us, to avoid many healthcare problems and make active sports, gymming and to promote a healthy lifestyle Spanx has brought an entire collection of gym wear that feels sporty and comfortable against your natural, is made up of breathable fabric and makes up for a great workout fit. 

Bras And Panties

Along with various categories of shapewear you can also find supportable bras and different types of it regardless of your chest size including wireless, full coverage, unlined, racerback, convertible, strapless, and sports bras. To sum it up, a bra for every occasion, gathering, and meeting. Spanx also provides a wide array of lingerie, briefs, and thongs.

The vision that started with shapewear to make women feel comfortable in their body sizes went beyond to make every arena of their clothing line enhance their overall experience. If you are looking for a complete wardrobe change and just flawless attires we would recommend giving Spanx a browse.