Put Your Best Step Forward With Nike

Jessica  |  January 23 31

Wearing the right sized toes before your football match or looking out for long-lasting athletic apparel that stays intact even if you do rough play, is rather an intricate choice of article that one needs to buy. Sports footwear of good quality and better durability is hard to look out for, many are usually a one-timer which makes it difficult to be worn the second time or for the second play. Many people do not invest in their sports drippers or toes which is why they are either uncomfortable and uneasy during play or whether their shoes wear out very easily. 

This is where Nike comes in. Their aim? To offer products that are of niche-quality, will last for a great span of time without depreciating at a greater percentage rate. From Jordan`s to track and field shoes as well as sandals and slides Nike is all famous for its ability to endure and withstand tough use.

What is Nike Forward?

Every motion of an athlete is incorporated into Nike Forward. Nike Forward is not knit or woven; instead, it is made from several, thin layers of carefully chosen fibers that have been developed specifically to match your demands. This produces an incredibly light-weight material that offers all-year-round warmth.

Are you tired of buying new drippers after every football match? Is it heavy on your pocket? Well, if that is the case, Nike is your go-to shop for all your sporting needs. Here is a list of four of its all-time renowned and notable products:

1.      Air Jordan 1

With its sleek and trendy design, Air Jordan 1 never fails to impress the masses with not only its design, but also durability. They come in a color contrast of four different themes, all of which look unique and distinctive within itself. They come in color pairs of blue and grey; red and black, blue and mustard, and grey with maroon. There is a size guide at the right side of your screen at their webpage alongside the item you wish to buy, the prices are all set and available at their website. So, what are you waiting for?

2.      Apple Watch Nike Series 6

This apple watch, is made in collaboration with Nike and comes with GPS alongside cellular connection. It comes with a silver aluminum casing. You can measure your blood oxygen levels with updated sensor and app. You can take an ECG anytime, anywhere. The always-On Retina display, allows to see your fitness metrics at simply a glance.

No matter where life takes you, Apple Watch Series 6 keeps the people and things you value close at hand. Additionally, you can maintain connectivity even without a phone thanks to the accessible cellular.

Your blood oxygen level is a crucial sign of how healthy you are overall. You can use it to determine how well your body is absorbing oxygen and how much oxygen is being provided to it. You can collect on-demand and background blood oxygen measurements, day and night, using the amazing new sensor and software in the Apple Watch Series 6.

We exerted more pressure. to nudge you even harder. A better night sets the stage for a better day. For optimal health, getting the correct amount of sleep is crucial. The brand-new Sleep app assists you in creating a consistent nighttime routine and monitoring your sleep patterns day in and day out. so that you can establish and meet your own sleep objectives.

3.      Nike`s Forward Pants and Hoddie

With the aim of sustainable wear for all, especially women, Nike launched its forward pants and hoodie. These tend to be extremely light in texture and fabric, and soft too.

The cozy sweatpants or the comfy hoodie, both have a subtle drape and exemplary fit-style so that you may locomote with ease. The unfinished edge, and seamless bond gives a clean, modern decent overall outlook.

4.      Nike One


Women`s 7" Biker Shorts (Maternity)


The Nike One Biker shorts are super versatile for any workout.  They are silky, smooth, comfortable, easy to wear for pregnant women. They tend to have an ultra-soft fabric that is balanced out with sweat wicking tech so that you may stay dry and not feel irritated or itchy post workout.


Stretchy textile with Dri-FIT technology helps you stay comfortable and dry by draining moisture away from your skin for quick evaporation.

This, alongside material with which one cannot see through, you will be confident knowing that you are covered completely. The design is innovated in such a distinctive way that when the body size changes with each maternity month passing by, the attire gives you extra space, adapts and stretches out throughout pregnancy.


To keep you covered, semi fabric passes the squatting test. You will have a sleek silhouette because the sides are seamless. The pregnancy cut provides you with additional cloth to lift up over your growing baby to ensure that you feel secure and supported.


Nike`s distinct collection with contemporary designs and latest innovation sets that apart from the rest. They have been working on their products to keep along with the needs of consumers while integrating quality according to the modern times.