Break The Unhealthy Cycle With Noom

admin  |  October 23 18

Your habits can play a vital role when it comes to your career, being successful, your grades staying consistent. Our habits make us what we are and will decide how our future is going to be like. Some people realise the importance of habits early on while many struggle to even grasp the concept of it. Good habits of a person can result in overall success in their personal and professional lives, leading towards a happier and more satisfying lifestyle.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a bad habit? Eating disorderly, a lot of Netflix time or not exercising enough, the list goes on… but one thing you might not know is that these habits can wreak havoc in your life. 

The habits of today were our choices of the past when you think about it. Every habit you have today was a choice at some point in your life. Getting indulged in a habit is not nearly as bad as not being able to realise that these habits are affecting your life. Every action of ours if done repeatedly becomes our habit- often to the extent when we do not even give it a second thought, this is where the real danger prevails. But how do you get out of your habits and break the unproductive and life wrecking cycle? 

The answer to breaking a habit lies in C.A.P: Cue, Award, Practice

  • Cue: It is your conscious behavior and acts as a trigger, a simple reminder that will help you get back on track. Such as showering. 

  • Practice:  It is primarily linked with the cue or reminder. As gyming or doing sweaty work out cues you to take a shower. Or while being anxious you bite your nails, the point is doing things over and over will make it part of the routine.

  • Award: this will help you make the habit stick. Anything we do that results in enjoyment and relieves stress causes your brain to release dopamine and makes you want to perform it again.

Record and Recognise 

Remembering the cue to your existing habits will help you locate the enabling behaviors behind your existing habits. Keep a journal of your day-to-day records to see if your habits develop any patterns. Note down


  • Where does the habit occur?

  • What time does it happen?

  • Your feelings when it happens? 

  • Does something trigger it?

  • Does it happen with a certain company or when you are all by yourself?

Make a list of reasons

Studies show that making a list of reasons why you are trying to quit a habit will help you motivate yourself every day. Write down all the reasons why you think breaking the habit might be beneficial for you and put it on your bathroom mirror, in your closet, or on the fridge door. Something you regularly come across, as it might remind you why you started doing it in the first place. 

Lose the Adamant attitude 

Various other factors come into play while you are trying to break the habit, you might slip up once or twice. But the key to breaking any habit is persistence. There is a common myth that it takes 21 days to adjust to a habit. This might not be true for some instances but if you can stay away for 21 days you might stay away from it for the rest of your life. 

Bring in someone 

Keep a friend in the loop and ask them to check up on you, or better that you start breaking the cycle with one of your mates. Sure, breaking the habit of skipping a gym or eating out every day might be easy. But if you have a compulsive eating disorder, chronic anxiety, or other chronic issues such as compulsion, smoking up drug abuse, or alcohol problems you might want to bring in a professional with you. 

But nothing to worry about here, as there is a solution to all the record-keeping, finding a mate to do it with, for daily reminders and counseling. Go ahead and subscribe to Noom.

What is Noom?

There is an online platform known as that works and expertise in breaking the pattern of a bad habit by using behavioral sciences by empowering people in taking control of their health and life. 

It started with helping people keep their desired weight but further on evolved into a life-changing and altering platform for people suffering from something deeper and more chronic. It uses a combination of psychology, technology, and human assistance to help you break lifelong yet bad habits and helps in achieving goals that result in personal well-being. 

The store allows you to set up your own plans whether it`s for losing weight and gaining the lost confidence, getting in shape, or about issues with anxiety, depression, or other various kinds of mental illness. The store tells you the relationship between your food and weight, while there are various options for you to choose from such as getting a personal qualified trainer that will help you along your journey of losing weight. It also informs you about the impact of every activity on your health and keeps the records for you to obtain your most awaited results.

Noom also specializes in providing counseling for stress and anxiety problems by setting up a calendar that fits your schedule. You can schedule appointments, figure out the triggers and answers to your prevailing anxiety issues while providing you with a coping mechanism to deal with your issues. Over the past years, Noom has helped over 13 million people and the only thing stopping you is you. Visit their webpage for more information regarding their services

Final Thoughts

With effort, action, and persistence, and by following the aforementioned steps one can turn their life around into a success story. Breaking habits is harder but so is dealing with consequences with your bad habits. We get to choose our hardships, and we hope you choose your hardships wisely.